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WSOP’s new DIY bonuses

WSOP again very generous on bonuses in December, time to hit the felt!

In back to back months, WSOP has offered a DIY bonus.

In the DIY bonus, the player is awarded a bonus based on the amount of poker they play in a 7 day period. I’m always a fan of bonuses of course and if it becomes a regular thing, it will be a nice $200 bonus every month for most grinders.

I am a little worried that with this new strategy there will be no more month long DIY bonuses that WSOP has done in the past.

DIY Bonus: max reward impossible?

The max reward is a $2000 bonus when playing 10,000 APPs in 7 days. I’m wondering if that is even possible on WSOP Nevada. For me, even playing the second bonus of 5,000 APPs will be a stretch. I will probably hate life during that week that I go for it.

10,000 APPs in 7 days would be a little over 1,400 APPs in a day. To break that down, the most I’ve ever earned in one day was when I was on tilt playing 6 tables of 1-2 6max for about 12 hours that earned me just over 1,000 APPs. That’s something I never want to do again and wouldn’t have been good enough anyway.

Could someone reach that reward playing 2-5 and 1-2 PLO for 12 hours? I suppose it’s possible, but I’d argue it could never be a profitable week without getting very lucky… at least without Adderall.

DIY December

It runs from December 11-17 and I’ll be going for the 5,000 APPs. I have to finish off my Seven Stars earning anyway that will provide the perfect opportunity to double up on value.

Or triple up… I’ll also take advantage of the December Reload before beginning play so most of the 5,000 APPs will be working on a bonus before receiving another bonus in the DIY.


2 responses to “WSOP’s new DIY bonuses”

  1. kl352 says:

    Want to give your blog some love and say thanks again for all the useful thoughts on WSOP and Seven Star stuff. I think the 10k is only achievable by including limit games where you’re playing a lot more hands/rake. GL!

    • Donkin says:

      Are there any limit games running? I’ve never even poked my head over there. Was thinking maybe when NV and NJ player pools combine, it might be possible to run 12 games of .50/1 and higher for 12 hours to get it. But damn, I’m too old for that mess! haha

      GL, thanks for dropping by!

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