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PokerStars Jeager is back!

Another year, another 3 months in SE Asia. On most trips, I elect not to play poker and enjoy my time instead. But after my miserable 6 months of poker on WSOP-NV since merging the states, I felt I had to play seriously. Not only to make some money, but to analyse my play.

So far, I’ve only been playing NL50 Zoom, but it’s safe to say the games are quite a bit softer than WSOP-NV. I’m sure some of it has to do with being able to use a HUD again — I did learn online poker with a HUD — but I know good games when I see them and I hope to move up and see about NL100 very soon. My last serious grind on PokerStars was NL200 in 2013. I don’t expect to get that high again though.

PokerStars Software and New Rewards

It’s nice to use quality software to play poker again…

As for Stars’s new reward system, I see why it is smart. A chest that is a gamble in itself that comes in a reasonable time and with a progress bar moving across the top of the table. Even I feel the need to play more when I’m close. Opening it is fun! Especially when I run good. My first top-tier chest granted $100, which was a 5% chance. 1-10,000 shot to hit $10,00. That would sure help me feel better about my year of poker, not holding my breath.

PokerStars’s new reward system. I actually like it. Especially when I run good


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