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Winner’s Tilt?

Winner’s tilt?

I’d never even heard of that before watching Dutch Boyd’s twitch stream one evening. I’ve always felt I play much better when I’m winning… usually I believe that if I could just catch a couple good hands, I’d calm down and play better.
I’m not certain of how much better I play when I’m winning, but I’m certain I play a much lower variance style. I keep out of marginal situations, with a general thought process of “oh, I don’t need to win anymore, gambling here is not worth it.” Where when I’m losing, I’d very likely take the 50-50 in an attempt to recoup my losses.
But Winner’s tilt? So there are people that drastically over play hands and turn into a calling station because they expect to keep on winning? Do they even have losing tilt or is their tilt completely flipped around where they knuckle down and play solid when they are having a tough session?
I’m really not sure which is worse… I believe I’m able to extend my winning streaks for a much longer period because I don’t gamble it up. I may not win as much, but I don’t crash as much either.

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