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Poker Name tilt

Final table of the $50 freezeout on WSOP (I finished 2nd), I 3bet all-in from the Big Blind versus a player’s open. Immediately, I catch Name Tilt. Usually it comes from amateur players that are not used to seeing me at the tables everyday, but this player is somewhat regular, so I was a little surprised. It was still a little funny though.

Name Tilt at the final table of $50 freezeout.

Name Tilt at the final table of $50 freezeout.

I know it sucks to get 3-bet on your steal when the stack is just too big to call… but of all the times to not waste any energy typing into chat, this is it. Of course, he did manage to get me contributing, but I had closed all my other games so it wasn’t too distracting for me.

Nothing personal here… just part of (online) poker.

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