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The problem playing to meet rewards goal

Meeting a rewards goal such as Seven Stars can have significant rewards. Seven Stars players generally get free rooms when visiting the Total Rewards hotels as well as receiving perks such as a free cruise, an Atlantis free hotel in the nicest studio room, as well as better perks for playing in the casino.

Total Rewards progress to Seven Stars

Total Rewards progress to Seven Stars

If you can play poker and make money while doing it, is there a downside?

Well, the answer to that is different from every person but more than likely playing a significant amount of hours to reach the goal is probably more than you would have played normally. It certainly is 25-40% more than I would normally play.

Those extra hours take time out of life… which is fine if they also provide more hours of earn. But when I play past the time I’d normally quit, I’m usually playing tired, or without interest. These are two things that will have a negative impact on a poker win-rate.

In fact, lacking the promo, the best advice is to only play poker when you are feeling good and focused. A higher hourly earn rate may not only be better for your life in general, it could also be a better daily and monthly earn rate. If you play so long that you begin playing at a negative earn rate, you are greatly diminishing the quality of all your play.

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