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Seven Stars Experience Tahoe

19 bar Harvey’s Lake Tahoe

In taking advantage of my Seven Stars status earned last year mostly through WSOP online poker, I attended the free Seven Stars Signature Experience at Lake Tahoe in June.

The event provided me the following:

  • Free 5 nights in Lake Tahoe
  • Free entries to 70k Bingo
  • 7x point multiplier one day
  • Swag

7x Point Multiplier

7x point multiplier for 7stars event


Knowing I would need the additional 15k in tier credits to maintain Seven Stars this year, I used the 7x point multiplier to obtain more EV from the play. I used the same 5play Jacks or Better 9/6 machine as last year, and fortunately this year I broke even. Seven Stars will be truly free for next year!

70k Bingo Event

Had 3 chances to hit 10k

There is nothing like free EV! While it would be difficult to win one of the games due to the sheer number of Seven Stars players, it still provided roughly $100 in free EV… maybe if I’m Seven Stars for the next 70 years, I’ll win one of them.

Free nights and Free Swag

Finger foods (much better than diamond lounge) at 7stars reception.

Who wouldn’t want 5 free nights at Lake Tahoe? Though the geo-location persists at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe and I was not able to play much online poker, I enjoyed my vacation with hikes and sightseeing.

The swag distributed at the event.

The swag wasn’t worth much, who actually wears vests these days? But I guess I could always use a new hat. The ID card made things easier at the hotel no longer having to pull out my Total Rewards card every time I wanted to jump a line, though there were plenty of Seven Stars members also jumping every line during the event.

All in all, this event takes a big chunk out of the $4k I lost last year to make Seven Stars, can’t wait to do it again next year!

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