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Diamond Aspirations 2017

It appears the Diamond Aspirations of the Total Rewards program were significantly altered for 2017 earning. The main difference being the removal of the 5,000 point bonuses for each level. Players who reach Aspiration II will not start 2018 with a 10,000 point head-start.


Diamond Aspirations for 2017.

Diamond Aspirations for 2017.


Diamond Aspirations for Total rewards

Diamond Aspirations 2016.

Atlantis Bahamas packages

Total Rewards continued its promotion with Atlantis Bahamas for 2017, but those packages were reduced. Aspirations I no longer includes the Daily Resort Fee which is a significant cost. Aspirations II has an option that includes the Daily Resort Fee but in a lesser tower.

Las Vegas Package

An addition to Aspirations II this year is a 2-night stay in a Las Vegas Suite. This could be a considerable value for you if you live outside Las Vegas and can even provide a little getaway for those players who do.

I’ll be testing the limitations to this promotion as soon as I earn Aspirations II for 2017.


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