Donkin's Blog Solve For Why All-stars week

After seeing the group of players I was put in for my week with the Tricks of the Trade promo, I’m wondering if they did in fact group us a little based on the limits or amount of time we play. There seem to be a large number of grinders in my group whereas the Icons group has few.

That is no matter, if I set my mind to winning the leaderboard, I would have a good shot now that Whiteyslacks has already won it. My week starts on Sunday the 12th and I’ll be waiting.

My group of players for’s Solve For Why promo

Of the players who I believe would be most likely to out grind me, I’d give it to IIlIIllllIII. He seems to have the ability to grind for long periods and I’ve seen him play at various hours of the day which means he may not have other life obligations. Redpenguin doesn’t seem to grind nl200 enough. TasteOfBoji would probably win if he decided to go for it, but I tend to see him only play later in the evening which leads me to believe he has obligations during the day.

Of course, there is always the chance players like IBPolar, Romans120, Spew_Artist, BigHems, BeastMode, among others will have arranged their life to give me a run.

In reality, while I may win the the weekly rake race, I likely have no shot at winning the 9 week rake race among the 9 winners since I will be taking a couple weeks vacation during that period. However, the 20% rakeback is well worth making run for it. My spot would be for sale though 😀


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