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New Donkey WordPress Theme

The design before converting to wordpress

In creating my theme, I learned a lot about WordPress, HTML, and CSS. It took about 6 months of working on the design with html/css, something which I’ve always had trouble with. Anything visual is a struggle for me. Funny enough, I knew HTML like the English language 20 years ago, so much as changed.

I finally decided it was as good as it was going to get, still sucks, I think.

Once I started converting the code to WordPress, the process was just two days of work. That’s the kind of thing I excel at, back-end programming. PHP hasn’t changed all that much in 20 years.

I also gained a newfound respect for Adobe products. Sure, you can build art and design web sites with other software, but Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop are powerful applications.

My donkey logo

Let me know if you like my donkey logo! Designed in Illustrator.

Finalizing the design and converting to a wordpress theme

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