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How to find the Tijuana Donkey Show

You are here looking for how to find the Tijuana Donkey Show that you’ve heard so much about? Well, you won’t find any directions here, but you may want to read on to understand why.

I’m a poker player and a former drunk and I’ve spent countless hours hanging around drunk men with some sort of ego deficiency that compels them to seek attention in whatever way they can. On many occasions, I’ve heard talk about the Tijuana Donkey Show, usually in the form of knowing a friend or a friend of a friend that actually went.

The Yuppie who saw the Tijuana Donkey Show

I heard the story (for the umptenth time) one night at this table. I'll save the poor schmuck a face shot.

I heard the story (for the umptenth time) one night at this table. I’ll save the poor schmuck a face shot.

One late night at a poker table, the conversation came up, I can’t quite remember how it started but the normal “My friend went to one” was stated by one of the guys at the table. This time, something unusual happened. A young charming guy beaming a nice yuppie smile joined the conversation with a “yea, I went to one of those.” He stated it as a matter of fact, and I was wondering if he even knew what he was saying. He was claiming to have gone to Tijuana and watched a show where a donkey was having sex with a woman. As the conversation progressed and he added quotes from The 40-year Old Virgin to his explanation, I no longer doubted he knew what he was talking about.

The more astonishing thing to me is that everyone at the table seemed to believe him. The older guy beside him started asking questions in total interest as if he wanted to go. I kept my mouth shut. I’ve been to Mexico many times. I’ve been to Tijuana on several occasions to drink and visit the Red Light District. Although I never looked for a “Donkey Show,” after visiting there, even the thought that something like that exists is so ridiculous, it’s amazing to me the myth persists.

Sex with a Donkey

Why see the show when you can simply buy the shirt? (At Amazon)

Sex with farm animals does exist… if you are diligent enough, you can find porn on the Internet that proves it. Some sort off regular show that you can go and watch? Anywhere in the world?  Omg are you a moron?

Is it still hard to let go of the myth? Hard to believe that this thing you have believed to exist for so long is actually an urban myth, a complete and total fabrication that attention-seeking drunks in every bar in the USA will perpetuate for no reason? Well, think about it this way:

If someone told you this Donkey Show existed in Kansas City, you would laugh at them wouldn’t you? The only reason you believe it exists in Tijuana is because of your prejudice of Mexico. Well, Mexicans are not the lawless obscene people you may believe. While there are a few bad apples that garner a lot of press, generally Mexicans are hardworking respectful people who would not allow a donkey to subjected to something like that… much less a WOMAN.

Look for the Tijuana Donkey Show

Though with the number of people in the world who will claim to have seen one or who knows someone who has seen one, these shows must go on in stadiums! They would not be hard to find if they existed. You can visit Tijuana and head to Revolution Street or Calle Cahuilla and look for a dark alley. Head down that dark alley and ask around for the Tijuana Donkey Show. If someone says he can show you… go with him! Who knows? I may be totally wrong and all the drunk morons are right! Just don’t blame me if you end up with a few bruises, no wallet, and without the joy of jerking off to a woman having sex with a farm animal.

A good reason to go to Mexico would be it's beaches, great food, sunshine, and sunsets!

A good reason to go to Mexico would be it’s beaches, great food, sunshine, and sunsets! This is from my time in Rosarito playing on PokerStars.

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