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Homestretch to Seven Stars

It seems that with the Spring Tier Bonus, and some above average play for me in July and August, I have managed to put myself in striking distance of earning Seven Stars with Total Rewards.

Total Rewards progress

Total Rewards progress on September 1.

Do it all with poker?

With 50,000 points to go and 4 months to do it, that would mean playing 12,500 APPs per month on That is a reasonable goal. Although it is a bit much for me, especially considering I have 16 credits this fall in school, I’ve easily done that many APPs in a month before. It just means I cannot have much of a social life (not that I had much anyway), and can’t do any traveling (that part is what kills me).

Seven Stars on is a higher level than Total Rewards and unattainable (for me)

Seven Stars on is a higher level than Total Rewards and unattainable (for me)

Play in the casino?

Playing 50,000 APPs all on will be a little stressful. That is a lot of time. Whereas, I could put in as much as 15,000 APPs in one day with the Total Rewards tier bonuses. I would probably play for the tier bonus received when playing 2,500 APPs in one day. That would supply a bonus of 5,000 APPs giving me 7,500 APPs for about 4 hours of time, dropping my need to play to 10,625 APPs per month. That may not sound like a lot, but almost 2,000 APPs with online play is a full 3 days of hard play or 4-5 days of relaxed play (I highly prefer relaxed play).

The downside to playing in a casino is of course losing money. To play 2,500 APPs would mean putting $25,000 coin-in to a video poker machine. I’d play the 10-play deuces wild machine at the Rio which has about a 3% take (some better machines are available with higher per hand rates and higher variance). So, if I came out even, I’d lose $750. There are upsides of course, the hosts are much more lenient when they see you are capable of putting $25,000 into a machine in a single day (which I’ve done a few times this year anyway lol). That might help me while I’m taking advantage of all the Seven Stars benefits next year.

Looking forward to Atlantis in the Bahamas!

There are many benefits to Seven Stars: A retreat, two vacations, a cruise, and plenty of complimentary rooms. Next year, I might take a vacation to Tahoe every summer month and California (and Mexico) 8-10 times… all staying on free rooms.

The first vacation I’m looking forward to of course is Atlantis! It is an amazing package for Seven Stars (and not bad for Diamond). On top of 4 free nights in their nicest room, they are giving me $100 PER DAY in resort credits, complimentary gratuities, and even a $250 free play. If I am able to control my spend while I’m there (unlikely, I will probably get out and roam around the Bahamas), I could use the free play towards my airfare and make it practically a free trip. A $250 free play would be worth at least $225 depending on the machines available there.

Are you a player planning to go to Atlantis?

If so, hit me up in game or on twitter! Let’s see if our schedules match.

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