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Binked the 3k… coolered a great Headsup match

I’ve been playing the 3k Nightly on regularly for a while now. I won it once about 10 months ago and since then have come up short… a few 2nd’s. I was beginning to doubt my heads-up prowess as I finished in a string of tournaments (like 8 to 10) in second place.

As poker players, we really shouldn’t sweat results much, especially on any kind of short term scale. 8 to 10 headsup matches?  Ok, I should definitely study headsup a little, which I did, but it’s just not a long enough timeline to determine if I’m truly that bad at headsup.

Here is the cooler that won me the 3k again finally

Here is the cooler that won me the 3k again finally

Take this tournament today. I believe I played it really well, especially approaching the Final Table. I was completely card dead. From when the bubble burst to about 4 players left, I just couldn’t get a hand to play. I kept my focus however, and kept stealing where I could, and not getting impatient and reshoving bad or calling off bad when I got shipped on.

And when I got to Headsup?  Well, in reality, it would have been hard for me to lose that match with the hands I was getting. My opponent isldur is a regular on WSOP and we played a great headsup match, but I just got handed the tournament. I hit a straight on the turn when I needed it for a big pot to get me a little chip advantage and we were about even in chips and I was handed an AAvsKK victory.

For poker, you have to keep studying the game… but you also need a little patience. One day, everything will just click for you.

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