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2 months & 16k tier points to go

Total Rewards

My Total Rewards Status on November 2, mostly through

This has been a long and eventful year with tons of traveling and tons of poker. I’m ready to increase the traveling and reduce the poker!

When I set out to reach Seven Stars at the beginning of the year, I didn’t quite understand the stress it would put on me. It’s just a tad too much play on a monthly basis. In fact, I probably would have given up if not for some bonus points awarded through a promotion.

I’m ready to receive my Seven Stars benefits, with the main thing I’m looking forward to is complimentary access to the Caesar’s Palace Spa and Fitness Center, one of the best on the strip!

But also, I’m looking forward to the high-end Atlantis-Bahamas package, which I hope to take in January, as well as a free cruise, a free getaway, $500 in reward credits, $500 in free dinners, and plenty of complimentary rooms at Total Rewards properties.

Also… I get to cut the line at the Caesar’s Palace Diamond Lounge, which can come in handy.


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